Help Nicole Hardy Write Her Next Memoir - A True Kickstarter Story

So not only did we recently create a nice new website for author Nicole Hardy, but we’ve created a Kickstarter video for her as well. It’s nothing fancy… just a simple and sweet way to pitch an amazing project. 

Nicole’s been accepted to sail around the world for the next year, learning how to be part of the tall ship’s crew, diving into the ocean in exotic locals around the globe and she wants to turn it into her next memoir and travelogue.

Give the video a watch and consider funding this project. It’s not often you get a chance to help create an opportunity for a book as unique and exciting as this.

We’re so excited to have had the opportunity to create a new site for Seattle author Nicole Hardy. She is a fantastic writer; her work has appeared in The New York Times and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her most recent book, a memoir entitled Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin has garnered rave reviews from around the country. She’s also fantastic company and just about always makes me laugh.

We are also helping her with a Kickstarter video which will debut tomorrow, and a book trailer which will debut sometime in May. It takes very special clients to draw us away from our documentary right now, but Nicole is definitely in that category.

While you’re at it, check out Nicole’s new Tumblr where she dispenses advice her creative friends have passed on while drinking coffee. We were featured there last week!


We’re really excited to announce that our film, Promised Land, has been sponsored by the amazing San Francisco Film Society. We’re so honored to have access to their resources, partnership and advice as we work on our documentary.

This has been an exciting journey so far, but it’s also been rough. Doing anything you love is hard because it takes all of you: all of your time, all of your resources, and most of all, your heart. You put all that you have of yourself into a creative work, and that can leave you feeling pretty vulnerable. That’s why it’s been wonderful, and an unbelievable privilege to ally with such a great force in the filmmaking world. We’re ecstatic moving forward with this amazing story having such a great vote of confidence in this film in place.

Here is the San Francisco Film Society page on our project! There’s a blurb up about the film, and a place to donate. It just means a lot to be listed on their site. The Hollywood Reporter did a fantastic article on San Francisco Film Society and how it’s become a game-changer for the film world in the last few years. Seriously, have I mentioned that we’re excited about this partnership? If I haven’t, let me know. I can keep on repeating myself.

What’s next for us? We have a lot of exciting things in the works, but we’re continuing to be tactful about when we release the full information about the film until we’ve reached a certain point in production. What you can look out for is our first trailer, which should be released within the next month!

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

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What is Samudre Media up to right now? We’re working with our digital publicity clients as usual, but the bulk of our time for the last eight months has been spent on this documentary! Follow our promisedlanddoc tumblr for more information as the project progresses! 

We have been hard at work on a lot of things this summer: websites, graphic design, event filming and a documentary, and we want to share one of our favorite projects from the recent months.

We recently finished a promotional video and a grant video for the NEA about the programs at Hugo House, a center for writers in Seattle, WA. This video above is the promotional version, highlighting all the great ways that Hugo House serves writers in the Pacific Northwest with its stellar programming.

We filmed, photographed, edited, and wrote for this project, utilizing the voice talents of Elizabeth Austen and Michael White Hayes. Claire Salcedo created its beautiful score, which has been stuck in our heads for days. You can check out some of her other work here.

We’re very proud to partner with such a great organization and help them get the word out about what they do, especially ahead of AWP 2014, which will showcase several of their events at the House.

And next up in our literary lineup: Peter Mountford's The Dismal Science book trailer. Look for that to be posted here in early October!